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MAHLE Clevite Introduces New Cummins Catalog

MAHLE Clevite Inc. recently introduced a new Cummins catalog, with more than 230 new part numbers and expanded market coverage. The instructions and technical information in the catalog are supported in English, Spanish and French.

MAHLE Clevite Inc. recently introduced a new Cummins catalog, with more than 230 new part numbers and expanded market coverage. The instructions and technical information in the catalog are supported in English, Spanish and French. The catalog is now available in print, for PDF download on, and also in the heavy-duty section of Launchpad, the company’s e-catalog portal.

The new Cummins catalog includes the release of N14 FERROTHERM articulated pistons and supporting parts to create sleeve assemblies and engine kits. Originated by MAHLE, FERROTHERM pistons consist of a durable forged steel crown coupled with a free-floating aluminum skirt. According to MAHLE, this innovative design serves to increase the piston crown durability, resulting in longer engine life.

The catalog also includes increased coverage for B and C Series engines, including piston kits, turbochargers, gaskets, valve train parts, cams and cam gears, new Clevite H-series high-performance rod and main bearings, expanded filter interchange data and a complete o-ring assortment listing.

Users can easily search for Cummins engine parts and kits either by selecting an engine model from the drop-down menu or by entering the OE number or CPL number. Once a selection has been made, search results matching the request will appear, showing the various engine parts and kits available. Instructions and technical information is now supported in English, Spanish and French.

As with all electronic catalogs offered through Launchpad, the results page features a clickable “Details” icon that brings up a pop-up window for viewing interchanges, specifications, packaging data, and product images – with the option to click on the image to see it larger. Clicking on the part number link to the right of the “Details” icon will also bring up this window.

Additionally, the online version of the catalog includes an “Add-to-Cart” ordering function tied directly into customer accounts, so users can purchase parts just as easily as they can find them. Users do not have to log-in to search for an application, but do need to log-in to their account to use the e-commerce purchasing tool (MAHLE Clevite Order).  

“The previous Cummins catalog was introduced in 2011,” said Jay Wagner, heavy-duty product coordinator, MAHLE Clevite Inc. “Typically, MAHLE introduces updated catalogs every two years, but with the introduction of more than 230 new part numbers, we deviated from that. It was crucial that we immediately inform the market about this expanded coverage.”

The Cummins catalog joins a comprehensive list of heavy-duty catalogs from MAHLE Clevite, including Allis-Chalmers, Buda, Caterpillar 3406E, Detroit Diesel, John Deere, Mack, Mercedes and Navistar.

To download a PDF of the new Cummins catalog, visit

To access the catalog in Launchpad, visit


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