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Mac Tools Introduces the New 145 Amp MIG Welder 115VAC

Mac Tools introduces the new 145 AMP MIG Welder 115VAC – MW145N. This compact welder is specifically designed for MIG welding stainless steel and makes welding fast, easy and spatter free. With a higher duty-cycle and the ability to manipulate the speed and heat, the user has greater control over the welding process.

Features, such as the rugged powder-coated steel cabinets with forced-air cooling, enable this welder to have a higher duty-cycle for efficiency. There is a 4-step power control, with multiple Step Cam-Lock Rotary power switches, giving you the power to control your amperage and heat. You don’t have to worry about overload, with the Illuminated thermal overload indicator and automatic reset feature. This product is gas or no-gas capable and has an infinite wire speed feed control with a direct drive DC motor. For comfort, the Mac 180A direct-connect MIG gun is ergonomically designed with a 10” cable complete with a Euro-connect cable plug. A heavy-duty earth clamp with UV/IR welding cable, a regulator and two spools of wire also come in the package.

Get the quality, comfort and power control you need with the new Mac Tools 145 AMP MIG WELDER 115VAC!

To order the Mac Tools 145 AMP MIG Welder 115VAC – MW145N, contact your local Mac Tools distributor or call 1-800-MACTOOLS.

For more information, please visit

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