Lost Or Stolen Key GM Vehicles

Lost Or Stolen Key GM Vehicles

If the customer has requested to have the keys changed to a different key cut, use the procedure provided.

Requesting a New Key Code for Customer with Lost or Stolen Keys


2022 and Prior GM Passenger Cars and Light Duty Trucks


In the event of lost or stolen keys, the customer may request to have a new key code or new key cut generated during the key replacement repairs. 

If the customer has requested to have the keys changed to a different key cut, use the procedure below to create a new key code and to have the GM Key Code Lookup database updated with the new code so that the key code can be retrieved for the registered owner in the future if the keys are ever lost again.

Repair Procedure

There are certain requirements to validate vehicle ownership that must be met before GM can provide the current key code. Refer to the latest version of Corporate Bulletin Number 10-00-89-009 (in Canada, 10-00-89-010) and have those documents ready.

1. Obtain the current key code from the GM Key Code Lookup database. This database has restricted access within the dealership. USA Dealers: Contact your Partner Security Coordinator if you are unsure who in the dealership has access to this database. Canadian Dealers: See your Parts Manager for site authorized users.

2. Using the current key code, create a new key code by shuffling the last four characters of the key code. For example, if the key code was Z1234, the first character, Z, must not be changed or moved as this is the series of key for that specific model. The numeric characters (1234) can be shuffled into any other order you desire.

NOTE: Depending on your dealer’s equipment and type of keys to be cut, you may choose to order blank or pre-cut /pre-coded parts. Do NOT call Technical Assistance (TAC) to decipher a key code (Z1234) into key cut/tumbler numbers. TAC does not have the information available to translate a keycode into key cut/ tumbler numbers. Your key cutting equipment or its manufacturer will decipher the key code. If you are unsure of whether or not your key cutting equipment can decipher the code, you should order pre-cut/ pre-coded parts whenever possible.

3. Using the newly created key code, order keys, lock cylinders and any other vehicle specific miscellaneous parts needed to complete the repair.

NOTE: If pre-coded cylinders are not available and you are unable to obtain key cut information from your key cutting equipment manufacturer, you may choose to sublet the lock cylinder coding to a professional locksmith. Do NOT call TAC to decipher a key code (Z1234) into a key cut/tumbler numbers. TAC does not have the information available to translate a key code into key cut/ tumbler numbers.

4. Contact GM GlobalConnect with the VIN and the newly created key code by emailing the information to [email protected]. They will update the key code lookup database with this new code so that if the owner ever desires additional or replacement keys in the future, 

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