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Lingenfelter Performance Engineering Offers Forged LSA Piston And Ring Set

LingLingenfelter Performance Engineering announces the release of its forged 4.070-inch LSA piston and ring set for GM LSA, LS3 and LS9 engine blocks. Designed to work in combination with the wide variety of supercharger pulleys and supercharger upgrades available from Lingenfelter for the LSA engine, the forged LSA piston and ring set (part #L290016509) is designed for:
• 2009-2014 CTS-V;
• 2012-2014 Camaro ZL1; and
• Chevrolet Performance Parts/GMPP LSA crate engine.

Engineered using the OEM CAD models to clear the OEM piston cooling oil jets and crankshaft reluctor wheel of the LSA engine, the Lingenfelter LSA piston and ring set’s forged piston construction delivers greater strength than the cast OEM LSA pistons.

The Lingenfelter LSA piston and ring set maintains the OEM LSA compression ratio and has a 0.010-inch overbore forged piston, allowing for bore cleanup on a used block but leaving room for a further overbore should future repairs or service be needed. The Lingenfelter LSA forged pistons feature Total Seal rings with a stainless CrN face top ring, ductile iron Napier 2nd ring and three-piece stainless steel flex-bent design oil ring. The piston and ring set is designed for use with most 6.125-inch aftermarket connecting rods.

For additional information on Lingenfelter’s forged 4.070-inch LSA piston and ring set visit

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