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Kukui And AutoShopFollowUp.com Partner To Build New Approach For Customer Retention


Kukui Corp.
, maker of the All-in-One Success Platform, and AutoShopFollowUp.com, an auto customer retention expert, have formed an official partnership that enables repair shops with next level customer retention solutions.


The company says it can cost up to 30 times as much to attract a new customer as it does to retain existing customers. Kukui’s new Lost Customer Module identifies which customers have not been in the shop for a while, but contacting them all is sometimes a challenge. Through the partnership, AutoShopFollowUp.com aims to handle the follow-up calls consistently and affordably.

AutoShopFollowUp.com will utilize Kukui’s web platform to offer a more robust and comprehensive marketing platform, helping automotive shop owners more effectively communicate with and retain customers. This process leads to boosted profits by adding follow-up phone calls and handwritten thank you cards to Kukui’s Lost Customer Module. AutoShopFollowUp.com also will gain access to Kukui’s All-in-One Marketing Platform, which is designed to build greater customer loyalty over time.


“AutoShopFollowUp.com is excited to partner with Kukui Corp. in this renewed effort to help our client’s boost customer retention rates and ultimately profitability. Embarking on this partnership together enables us to play off each other’s greatest strengths and offer in-depth solutions that are truly hard to beat. We understand the retention challenges that auto shops face and are always seeking new ways to help address them through hands-on support at every step,” said Mike Carrillo, CEO, AutoShopFollowUp.com.

Todd Westerlund, Kukui CEO, said, “This partnership with AutoShopFollowUp.com is just the beginning of a long line of innovative solutions that will transform the way automotive industries interact with clients. Our integrated web marketing platform gives us the opportunity to offer a range of analytic, marketing and communications services to change the fortunes of several companies in a highly competitive auto and auto ancillary industry.”


The new partnership is set to transform the way auto repair shops operate and interact and follow up with customers in a competitive environment.

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