If You’re Smart, You’ll Keep Learning
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If You’re Smart, You’ll Keep Learning

A lot of the time, you need someone else to point out where you could stand to change.

A wise man once told me, “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you should change rooms.” Luckily, I know how to listen to those in the room who MAY have some answers.

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Leaders who are adept at making things happen for their families, their communities, and their businesses are open to receiving ideas from anyone and anywhere. They look for every opportunity to recognize changes in their environment and, as another really smart guy said “They don’t just ride the waves of change, they make the waves that others ride.”

Those changes don’t have to be epic shifts – they can be minor adjustments in the way you currently do business. But a lot of the time, you need someone else to point out where you could stand to change. 


Ask people you respect what THEY’RE seeing, what THEY’RE experiencing and what THEY’RE expecting.

Learn something – often by doing something – that helps you grow a little more from the day before.

Be restless – don’t accept the fact that you’ve been doing things the same way for too long.

Ask your employees, suppliers and customers for ideas on what can make your business – and yourself – better.


Get outside your comfort zone – both in work and in your “real life.” You never know how firsthand experience with a separate skill set will enhance your behavior.

There’s an ancient curse that says “May you live in interesting times.”  That sounds innocent enough, right? You may recognize it in its more modern form: “I hope you get just what you deserve.”

One thing is clear from this past year of continuing chaos – flexibility is key, both in business and in attitude.Sure, change can be “exciting” and it won’t always be easy. It can test your skill AND your will. But adversity can help you figure out what you’re made of, and can help you be the best – even if you don’t need to be the smartest – you can be.

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