Hyundai: Engine Oil Pump Replacement Guidelines
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Hyundai: Engine Oil Pump Replacement Guidelines During Engine Replacement


Applicable Vehicles: All models

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Follow the guidelines outlined in this bulletin to install a new oil pump after an internal engine repair or engine short block replacement.
Note: A new or remanufactured engine sub­assembly (long block) is shipped with a new oil pump already installed, so this bulletin does not apply to the installation of new or remanufactured engines. Short engine assemblies (short block) are not shipped with a new oil pump installed and the oil pump must be ordered separately.


Hyundai Engine Oil Pump Assembly 1

Inspection Procedure And Guidelines
Hyundai Engine Oil Pump Assembly 21. Inspect the incident engine using the Engine Diagnosis Worksheet from TSB 08­EM­004 (Remanufactured Engine Program). Depending on the engine diagnosis, the results may not necessitate a short or long block replacement to resolve the condition.

2. After completing the Engine Diagnosis Worksheet, determine the necessary action for repair.

3. If a short block replacement has been determined as the repair action with any of the following conditions, then always replace the oil pump with a new one:


• Low or no oil pressure.
• Excessive metallic/foreign debris found inside the oil pan or oil pick­up screen.
• Continuous engine knocking noise (after isolating the accessory drive such as power steering, A/C compressor, water pump, etc.)
• Engine friction damage such as piston/cylinder wall scuffing, main/rod bearing/ journal scuffing, overly worn thrust bearing, or seizing of rotating components.
• Engine overheat caused internal engine damage.

4. If a short block replacement is not required and none of the existing conditions from Step 3 have been found, refer to the following inspection points of the engine oil pump prior to reuse:

Hyundai Engine Oil Pump Assembly 2• Turn the oil pump by hand (rotor/sprocket) to confirm it can be rotated freely without much resistance. Replace if internal binding damage is observed.
• Visually inspect the condition of the front main oil seal in the oil pump (for engines using a front case assembly oil pump) for wear, tear or leaks. Replace the front main oil seal if necessary to ensure a proper seal.
Note: If the front main oil seal is found partially pushed out from the front case assembly, check if there is excessive crankshaft thrust endplay.
• Visually inspect and clean the oil (pickup) screen assembly. Replace if damaged.

Inspect and re­tighten (if necessary) the machine screw fasteners of the oil pump cover.

Courtesy of MotoLOGIC® Repair & Diagnostics:

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