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‘How It’s Made’ Showcases Clean Burn Products

The scheduled segment at 9:00pm EST features step-by-step details on the assembly of Clean Burn units used by companies worldwide to recycle used motor oil.


When television viewers tune in on Friday, Oct. 9, 2009 to the Science Channel’s popular "How It’s Made" television show, they’ll learn the intricacies of how Clean Burn manufactures its furnaces and boilers.

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“We’re honored to be included on this popular show that’s seen worldwide, says Morris Mantey, vice president of marketing for Clean Burn. “Our products allow businesses to recycle used-oil on-site to generate heat in an environmentally-friendly process that is a ‘win-win’ for every user. A Clean Burn customer reduces the risk of spills and contamination to the environment, significantly lowers their fuel costs, and recoups their investment on the unit within a very short time.”

Now in its 13th season, "How It’s Made" can be seen worldwide on The Science Channel with repeat segments on both The Science Channel and The Discover Channel. The show is translated into 30 languages and features intriguing segments that showcase how different products are constructed.
“We’re excited to have our products and technology featured on the series 6, episode 15 show,” says Mantey. “We believe the segment will help us educate people about both the environmental savings and the substantial cost savings businesses can experience annually on their fuel bills by recycling used-oil.”
Typical businesses employing Clean Burn products to recycle used motor oil include automotive dealerships, automotive service centers, fast lube centers, truck fleet service centers, car washes, and operations using large agricultural equipment. Clean Burn products are also used in the industrial/marine industries, the recreation motor home industry and in waste management/pollution control industries.
“Any facility that generates used-oil on-site has the potential for significant savings with Clean Burn systems,” says Mantey. “The return on investment is tremendous and the reduction of risk to the environment is significant.”


Clean Burn Products
Based in Lancaster County, PA, since 1979, Clean Burn manufactures a variety of heating systems to help small and large businesses recycle used-oil on-site, and to provide free heat while preserving the environment.

Products available from Clean Burn include:
Low Profile Used-Oil Furnaces are ideal for small to mid-sized facilities and those with limited ceiling heights. These systems can be utilized as unit heaters or can be ducted as central furnaces. Hot air discharge louvers can be installed to direct heat precisely where it’s needed in a facility. Used-Oil Furnace models CB-1750, CB-2500 and CB-3250 comply with all EPA regulations and can burn a wide range of used-oil for free heat.


Large Volume Used-Oil Furnaces provide high-volume heating capacity for large facilities. These systems can be utilized as unit heaters or can be ducted as central furnaces. Used-Oil Furnace models CB-3500 and CB-5000 comply with all EPA regulations, feature unmatched engineering and quality construction, and employ a patented three-pass heat exchanger.

Used-Oil Recycling Center is a self-contained, on-site recycling and heating system that allows businesses to store and burn used-oil conveniently and efficiently. The Recycling Center works in tandem with Clean Burn used-oil furnaces and has a UL-listed 250 gallon storage tank that supplies oil to the furnace.

For more information on Clean Burn, visit www.cleanburn.com or call 1-800-331-0183.

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