How Iridium Spark Plugs Have Evolved with Engine Technology
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How Iridium Spark Plugs Have Evolved with Engine Technology

True iridium alloy spark plugs are the experts’ choice when replacing their spark plugs to meet or exceed OE specifications for performance in late-model engines.

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They are ideal when you are looking to ensure your vehicle achieves maximum performance.

From its durability to its melting point, iridium alloy is the premium metal used in spark plug construction. Spark plugs featuring laser-welded iridium fine wire are the next best thing when it comes to meeting and beating the OE specifications for performance in late-model engines. These plugs are known for their outstanding protection against all electrode wear factors, including extreme temperatures, oxidation and not to mention, corrosion. This advanced technology also yields superior durability up to 100,000 miles.

The build quality of true iridium alloy spark plugs is second to none, resulting in a more robust product than any other metallurgy on the market, all while giving you an increase in firing efficiency and a 700-degree melting point. Because of the 0.5mm iridium firewire center electrode and a true iridium alloy pad, this type of plug limits gap erosion to provide a longer service life and a more focused ignition. With a more focused ignition you get improved acceleration and optimal fuel efficiency alongside a quicker ignition.

Most vehicles sold in 2018 were designed specifically with iridium fine wire, so their spark plugs can only be replaced with the highest level of plugs, aka true iridium spark plugs. Copper, platinum and lower level iridium plugs are incompatible with new ignition systems that require true iridium alloy plugs.

Autolite Iridium Ultra® Spark Plugs ensure superb ignition, burning gasoline at a higher level of efficiency to provide optimum performance and minimal fuel usage. These plugs are not only the most technologically advanced offering from Autolite; they perform at or above OE specifications to improve fuel economy and ignition in the most advanced engines.Autolite has been focused on developing spark plugs since 1935. We have done the research, and put in the hours to unveil the most effective, innovative way to approach developing the perfect spark plugs for your vehicle. Over the years we have developed the innovative ignition products needed to enhance the performance, durability, and ignitability of the spark plugs. We offer a limited lifetime warranty with both of our iridium spark plugs, Ultra and XP, to show you we mean business. Explore the benefits of our Iridium Ultra spark plugs at

This article was sponsored by Autolite.

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