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Goodyear Winged Foot Among Nation’s Oldest Marks

Goodyear's iconic winged foot logo is considered among the nation's oldest and most recognized, according to a recent article on The Huffington Post.

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Goodyear’s iconic winged foot logo is considered among the nation’s oldest and most recognized, according to a recent article on The Huffington Post.

“Few things are more tied to a company’s identity than its logo. Who isn’t familiar with Nike’s swoosh or McDonald’s golden arches? A good logo helps consumers recognize brands instantly and distinguishes brands from the competition,” the item read. “For these reasons some corporate logos have remained – at their core – almost the same for more than a century.”

The list includes logos that have not fundamentally changed over their lifespan, including John Deere’s, considered the oldest with a 1876 birth date. The article required that the logo be at least a century old and that the company still exist. Goodyear’s winged foot first appeared shortly after the tiremaker was founded in 1898.

Also on the list are railroad Union Pacific, Coca-Cola, DuPont, Prudential, Sherwin-Williams, General Electric and Johnson & Johnson.            

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