GM HVAC Door Wire Actuator Motors: Recalibration
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GM HVAC Door Actuator Motors: Operation And Calibration

There are several types of electrically driven actuator motors used in today’s GM cars, and they all function differently. Keep reading for operation tips.


Bidirectional Actuator


These are five wire actuators as well, and perform the same as the five wire does. Three wires are for the potentiometer feedback, while the remaining two are the positive and negative circuits used to drive the actuator motor. These circuits run from the control head and drive motor based on the selections made by the operator.

Recalibration Methods: Without a Scanner

Do not adjust or move any of the positions while the HVAC control head is performing its self-calibration.

1. Ignition off; 2. Install new control head; 3. Start vehicle; 4. Wait 40 seconds for the control head to self-calibrate; and 5. Verify there are no DTCs.

Recalibration Methods: With a Scanner

1. Clear all DTCs; 2. Ignition off; 3. Install new control head; 4. Start vehicle; 5. Initiate the “motor-recalibration” feature found in the heating and air conditioning special function menu; and 6. When completed, check for any DTCs.


Alternative Method

1. Clear DTCs; 2. Ignition off; 3. Install HVAC head; 4. Remove HVAC fuse for 10 seconds; 5. Reinstall fuse; 6. Start vehicle; 7. Allow HVAC to perform self-calibration; and 8. Verify no DTCs are present.

Understanding any system before attempting to repair it is always more beneficial to both the technician and the customer, and is more likely to create a lifelong customer as well.

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