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Four Tips To Boost Wiper Sales


Spray and Sell

Equip your service bays with a spray bottle filled with water. After cleaning the windshield, spray it down with the bottle and operate the wipers. If the wipers streak or chatter, recommend replacement. This $3 investment per bay will pay for itself when the first set of blades is sold.


Ask Your Customer

Fear is a great memory device. If a driver recently battled with a rain or snow storm, chances are they know the real ­condition of their wipers. Just ask how they were in the last storm. Not asking your ­customers how their wiper blades are ­performing is like letting money walk out the door.

Throw Them in For Free!

If a customer has come in for a big service or has a huge ­repair bill, why not throw on a free set of wipers? This can help build loyalty with the customer and works better than coupons or discounts because they didn’t expect it (and they can see their free gift every time it rains).


Don’t Forget the Rear Wiper

Many SUVs, minivans and hatchbacks have a rear wiper blade that is often not replaced until it’s rusted or has fallen off. Blade manufacturers make special rear-window blades, so ­replace them and your customers will ­appreciate it.

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