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Forney Industries Launches ForneyHide Work Gloves


Forney IndustriesForney Industries recently announced the launch of its ForneyHide branded line of work gloves. Forney Industries has been selling welding gloves throughout its more than 80-year history. The ForneyHide expanded line of proprietary work gloves is designed for automotive, hardware, industrial and farm & ranch markets, as well as general home and workshop use.


“It made sense for us to expand the line,” said Todd Romero, product line manager for ForneyHide. “Our customers wanted a wider selection of what we already manufactured. Now, we have gloves that cover all major categories, for every kind of work and hobby.”

The company took the demands of its customers very seriously, added Romero. “We completed more than two years of thorough research and development, both in the manufacturing and distribution of each variety of glove. We developed manufacturing specifications that were so stringent that the average glove endured four iterations until the quality met Forney Industries’ standards.”

Once the prototypes were completed in 2012, Forney tested the product in select markets to confirm fit, utility and protection with its customers. “It wasn’t until that testing was complete that we knew the line was ready to deliver to our dealers, distributors and ultimately our customers.”


“Quite frankly, we were blown away,” said Steve Olson, director of merchandising and marketing for HBC in Comanche, TX. “We started offering Forney’s new glove line two months ago and have already doubled our sales volume. We have sold, in one month, what we would have done in three with our last glove selection.” Olson added, “Our customers are the rough-and-tumble type who want a glove that’s strong, high quality and a has a comfortable fit. We sell to general do-it-yourselfers, ranchers, farmers and guys who work the oil fields; it’s because of our variety of customers that we need a wide selection of gloves and Forney came through with a great line.” On the subject of customer service, Olson added, “Our Forney sales rep visits us every two weeks and each time our order is complete and delivered on time.”


ForneyHide’s glove sales are up 73% over the prior year. All varieties are now available nationwide and online at and

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