Ford Modulus Power Steering Pump Unboxing (VIDEO)

Ford Modulus Power Steering Pump Unboxing (VIDEO)

There are lots of similar looking steering filters in the market but looks can be deceiving. Sponsored by CARDONE.

Let’s check out this brand-new power steering pump from Modulus. It comes in a slick graphic box and the pump looks like it’s safe and secure in there. This pump fits the 2006 to 2011 Ford Focus and you’ll notice that the pulley is pre-installed on the unit, which brings us right to the point on what makes Modulus stand out from other brands.

The folks at Modulus have done their homework when it comes to putting themselves in the shoes of a customer installing their product on a vehicle. Not only do they include important components needed for installation, but they’ve also taken the time to determine whether it’s best to pre-install certain components on the unit or just include them in the box. This is all done at the application level, so product configurations are based on make, model, and year of the vehicle the part is designed to fit.

For instance, it’s great to get a pump with the pulley already installed, but on certain applications the mounting configuration makes it’s necessary to install it after the pump is on the vehicle. In those situations, the pulley would be supplied separately, where applicable. By figuring all that out ahead of time, the product engineers at Modulus have taken an extra step toward saving you time and frustration.

The same goes for reservoirs and filters. First, let’s talk about the reservoir. On this pump, it comes pre-installed, so you don’t have to think about it. But with some applications, especially those that feature a remote reservoir, it makes sense to include it separately with your Modulus pump, when applicable. In the case of vehicles that use a remote reservoir, it’s easy to forget about replacing it, because it’s not located on the pump. However, a contaminated remote reservoir that’s caked up with debris is often the reason a steering system fails. That’s why Modulus supplies the remote reservoir wherever possible.

When it comes to power steering filters, Modulus really hits the nail on the head. They’ve included their in-line filter with every unit they sell, but that’s not even the best part. Each Modulus in-line filter is matched to fit every unique application. Some other manufacturers offer a filter with detachable barbs in varying sizes, promoting a “one size fits all” solution. That might sound good at first, but it adds time to the job and opens up the possibility for failure if the barbs are not reattached properly. With Modulus, it’s simple. One filter, guaranteed to fit, no modifications necessary.

There are lots of steering filters in the market, some that even look very much like this one, but looks can be deceiving. While other manufacturers use a similar magnet and mesh combination to filter contaminants from the power steering fluid, they’re only doing half of the job.

The Modulus filter features a patented design that places the magnet in direct contact with the mesh screen, magnetizing the entire surface of the screen. The magnetized screen actively draws ferrous materials to it, catching and preventing them from entering the power steering pump. In contrast, the other aftermarket filters only work in a passive manner, allowing debris to enter the power steering system.

All in all, these new power steering pumps from Modulus check all the boxes when it comes to a premium replacement unit that provides ease of installation and peace of mind for the long haul.

Be sure to check out the other new product offerings from Modulus.

This video is sponsored by CARDONE.

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