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FMI Automotive Launches Social Media Program

Florida-based water pump manufacturer FMI Automotive has launched a social media program on Facebook and Twitter.

Florida-based water pump manufacturer FMI Automotive has launched a social media program on Facebook and Twitter.

The FMI Automotive Facebook page and Twitter  accounts will serve as resources for the company to engage its distribution and professional service technician customers as well as industry stakeholders. The company says it plans to share the latest news and updates, including product and technical information, and seek feedback and suggestions from fans and followers.  

“Social media is an efficient way for a company to augment their marketing program in order to communicate more often with customers and potential customers who frequent social media sites,” said Casey Lee, president of FMI Automotive. “We welcome the opportunity to inform, interact and learn from our customers in a new way that complements our current sales, marketing and advertising activities.

“As the interest in our social media program grows, we will share more exciting changes coming to FMI Automotive, such as the recent launch of our new corporate identity logo,” added Lee. “Social media is just one more way that FMI Automotive is evolving to meet the needs of our customers.”

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