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Everybody has a WIX Story – What’s Yours?

WIX Filters recently unveiled the first in a series of "What's Your Story" videos, highlighting the connection between legendary race car drivers, crew chiefs, technicians, counter people, do-it-yourselfers and WIX Filters.

WIX Filters, a member of the Affinia Group family of brands, recently unveiled the first in a series of “What’s Your Story” videos, highlighting the connection between legendary race car drivers, crew chiefs, technicians, counter people, do-it-yourselfers and WIX Filters.

“WIX customers, whether they are technicians, counter people, an owner of a truck with 500,000 miles, race car crew chiefs or drivers, have one distinct commonality – they all have a story about WIX,” said Jeff Blocher , brand manager for WIX Filters. “We’ve set out to collect these unique experiences; when the stories are heard individually they’re entertaining, but when collected as a group you get a unique perspective of the power of the WIX brand and the solutions it provides in so many different arenas.”

During the past few months, WIX gathered stories from seven distinct people: legendary NASCAR driver and team owner Richard Petty, the first NASCAR driver to use WIX Filters; Ray Evernham, renowned crew chief and team owner who used WIX Filters’ innovative engineering to help win the Daytona 500 twice; Joe Gibbs, team owner with two NASCAR Sprint Cup championships; George Lineberry, a life-time counterman who has been selling WIX since 1940; Don Creason, the owner/operator of Creason Automotive & Wrecker Service; and Devon Tomkinson, long-time service manager at Carolina Truck Center.

Each of these individuals has a unique story to tell about WIX, how the brand and products served their customers, prolonged the life of their engines, or helped them win races. These gentlemen’s stories can be found at www.wixfilters.com under podcasts.

WIX customers and fans are encouraged to share their stories with the brand, written or via video on Facebook at www.facebook.com/wixfilters. Many of these stories will be included on a special micro-site developed for the program, with more details to come in early 2010.

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