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EngineQuest Announces Winners in ‘Head to Vegas’ Promotion

EngineQuest (EQ), a leading supplier of stock and performance cylinder heads and engine components, recently announced that Jesse Belez of Marengo, IA, is the winner of the company's "Head to Vegas" promotion.

EngineQuest (EQ), a leading supplier of stock and performance cylinder heads and engine components, recently announced that Jesse Belez of Marengo, IA, is the winner of the company’s "Head to Vegas" promotion.
As the grand prize winner, Belez will receive airfare for two to Las Vegas, ground transportation to and from the hotel, a six night stay at an area hotel, and tickets for two to attend IMCA’s Duel in the Desert race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
The First Place Prize winner, Randy Mosey of Akron, Ohio, will receive a set of high-performance EQ cylinder heads. Ten second prize winners will receive IMCA Prize Kits while 10 third-place winners are awarded EQ-branded wearables including jackets, hats, sweatshirts and t-shirts. A complete list of winners is available at: www.enginequest.com/headtovegas.
EQ is a general sponsor of IMCA racing and in its fifth year as the title sponsor of the EQ Cylinder Heads IMCA Modified Wild West Tour. In addition, EQ provided contingency awards to the opening feature winners in five IMCA divisions during the 2011 season.
EQ’s early 350 cylinder head (#CH350I) is approved as a direct replacement for the IMCA Northern and Southern Sport Mod Divisions and Hobby Stock division and has become the head of choice by the most competitive teams. EQ’s high performance 23° cylinder head is approved for use in the EQ Cylinder Heads Wild West Modified Tour.
For more information about EQ, visit www.enginequest.com or phone (702) 649-7776.

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