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Editor’s Notebook: 2007: Make Resolutions That Will Leverage Your Expertise


As another year closes in, we’ll all read and hear lots of messages about making resolutions for the new year and beginning 2007 with a fresh slate. Some of us will buy into this mindset and others won’t. But for those who do, they will likely have a sense of urgency to achieve some of their goals, make some changes for the better and reflect on the year with a sense of accomplishment.

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In today’s competitive automotive service environment, where the name of the game is standing out above your competition — there is a lot to be said about reflecting on the past year and setting new goals and objectives for next year.

It means examining the details of your everyday operations. It means identifying ways to work smarter. It means making customer service a top priority. And, it means never delivering anything less than service excellence and professionalism.

This internal evaluation will help you better define your place in the market, create ways to leverage your expertise and make your business’ success a top priority.


Think about improvements you’d like to make at the shop. What changes will have the most impact and prove to be the most beneficial? Think about ways to boost customer service. Consider ways to increase bay productivity. Find ways to deliver more value to your customers and employees. What resources do you need to achieve these changes? Within what timeframe would you like to see results?

As you outline new goals, you will both challenge and inspire your employees. And, when your entire team is working toward the same objective, the power of numbers works in your favor, and everyone wins.


Take steps now to make 2007 a great year from start to finish.

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