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Editor’s Notes: It’s Your Turn To Cash In

TechShop is now giving you two chances to win some extra spending money.

TechShop is now giving you two chances to win some extra spending money. We are adding an incentive to send in your Top 5 Favorite Tools, and we are introducing a new contest to the magazine.

Guess the Tool
Our Babcox Media sister magazines BodyShop Business and Counterman feature a wildly popular “Guess the Car” contest online and in each issue of their magazines.

The reader response has been so great, that TechShop is now jumping on the bandwagon with our own version of the contest: “Guess the Tool.” Each month, we’ll feature a cartoon and the winner will be randomly selected from ­correct entries and awarded $50.

More contest details can be found on page 24 of the February 2011 issue or click here.

Top 5 Tools

For more than five years, we’ve featured a column called “Top 5 Tools — Technicians’ Top 5 Favorite Tools & Equipment.” Readers have sent in the five tools that help them most in the shop — from scan tools to flashlights, impact wrenches to on-car brake lathes, computer systems to office managers. At the end of the year we award the companies that are mentioned most. See the January issue for the 2010 winners.

Now it’s your turn for the reward!  
Send us your Top 5 Tools, complete with descriptions on why the tools are your favorites, and your photo. If your list is chosen to be in an upcoming issue of TechShop, we’ll send you a $25 gift card. This month’s winners will receive Starbucks gift cards.

Do you have an opinion about the tools and equipment you use? Do you support a tool so fiercely that you want the world to know about it too? If so, then here’s your chance to tell people what you think. And get a bonus cup of coffee, while you’re at it!

Submitting your favorite tools is easy. Just click here for the entry form. (Photos up to 2 MG can be accepted. If your photos are larger files, please e-mail them to me.) Or e-mail your complete submission to me at [email protected].

Be sure to include: The brand name and type of tool; a sentence or two explaining why those tools/equipment are your favorites; a photo of yourself and/or your shop to feature in the magazine; and your name, title, business name and address of your shop, so we can send you a gift card if you win.

Good luck!

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