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Edelbrock’s 2011 Catalog Now Available

Edelbrock catalogs are available in print or on CD for free and viewable online now. Features of the 2011 catalog include 208 pages of Edelbrock American performance parts and accessories.

Edelbrock LLC, known for its world-class, American-made performance parts, has released their 2011 edition of the Edelbrock Automotive Performance catalog.

"This 2011 Edelbrock Performance catalog is a showcase of more than 73 years of Edelbrock ingenuity," states company Chairman Vic Edelbrock. "With more than 3,000 products available — from traditional street rod and muscle car performance parts and race winning products, to the very latest supercharger technology for late-model Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs and Chrysler HEMI. This catalog is a must have for anyone with a love for American cars."

New for 2011, Edelbrock is offering their catalog in a new media rich format that can be viewed online or on your smart phone, including iPhone, iPad and Droid applications. National Sales Manager Jason Snyder commented, "this new viewing platform really makes the transition from a traditional print catalog to a modern digital presentation both interactive and user-friendly. Features like our page flip provide the feel of a traditional print catalog, while modern features like quick links make it easy to navigate. Videos have also been added to enhance the customer experience. We’re very excited to provide the Edelbrock catalog in a format for the digital age."

Edelbrock catalogs are available in print or on CD for free and viewable online now.

Features include:
• 208 pages of Edelbrock American performance parts and accessories;
• New design with hundreds of new products; and
• Available FREE online, in print (#09211) or on CD (#09011).

To order, call toll free (888) 288-2892 or order online at www.edelbrock.com/order_catalog.shtml.

For more information, visit www.edelbrock.com.

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