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Delphi Announces New SKUs For Fuel, Engine Management And Steering And Suspension In North America


Delphi Product & Service Solutions
(DPSS) has announced new numbers for its fuel, engine management and steering and suspension products for North America. As a trusted company for fuel, Delphi says it continually aims to help its customers grow in several major categories for automotive parts.


Delphi has expanded its fuel category by adding 53 new fuel pump module assemblies, 11 new fuel pump and strainer sets and one new electric fuel pump. This new electric fuel pump covers more than 14 million vehicles. The broadening fuel category also includes 16 new fuel transfer units that cover more than 3.4 million vehicles and a new fuel tank sending unit that covers more than 340,000 vehicles.

In addition, the Delphi engine management portfolio expands by adding nine new MAF sensors to cover more than 990,000 vehicles and one new coolant temperature sensor covering more than 3.2 million vehicles. Delphi also released eight new manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensors covering more than 1.9 million vehicles and two new throttle position sensors that cover more than 139,000 vehicles.


Delphi also expanded its steering and suspension portfolio. The steering and suspension category now include 160 new parts that are covering more than 20 million vehicles on the road today. The company says that its steering and suspension line covers more than 20 million vehicles from 1935 to 2016 in the U.S. and Canada, and also offers OE performance and precision.

“We’re excited to announce more than 260 new applications to the aftermarket,” said Chad Smith, vice president, North America and Global Remanufacturing. “With our plans to grow even further in the coming years, we are committed to serving the needs of our customers and helping to ensure that technicians can continue to trust Delphi for parts that mean successful repairs, every single time.”

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