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CRP Automotive Introduces FERTAN Rust Converter


CRP2CRP Automotive has introduced FERTAN Rust Converter to its growing lineup of products. FERTAN Rust Converter is a water-based, non-toxic, non-flammable liquid that stops rust corrosion on a variety of surfaces and converts those surfaces into a black zinc phosphate coating adhered to the metal that can be used as a fresh paint base. The protective zinc phosphate coating will protect the metal for up to six months before additional primer or paint needs to be applied. This combination of protection and paint (or primer) ready surface can be used in car restoration and auto body shops.


FERTAN Rust Converter eliminates the need for deep scrubbing or sandblasting and completely removes the rust. The company says it delivers a 64 percent cost savings when compared to traditional sandblasting. Under ideal conditions (75 °F and 70 percent humidity), FERTAN Rust Converter can work in as little as four to six hours. The rust conversion process can usually be completed in 24 hours or less, however, some applications may require up to 48 hours. FERTAN Rust Converter reacts well on wet surfaces and in humid conditions.

According to Abraham Garweg, vice president of innovation, “Actual reaction time will vary depending on temperature and humidity conditions as well as the amount of rust present prior to application. Once the reaction time is complete, all the user needs to do is simply rinse or sponge the area off with water to reveal the protective black zinc phosphate surface, which is now ready to be primed or painted.”


FERTAN Rust Converter is available in a variety of packages and sizes and can be easily applied via brush, roller, sponge or spray. FERTAN Rust Converter is ideal for use in cavities, inside of doors and frame rails, and undercar and weld seams. FERTAN Rust Converter only reacts to rust and will not affect paint, plastic, glass or rubber. It quickly cleans off of unintended surfaces with water.

In addition to FERTAN Rust Converter, CRP Automotive also offers FERTAN Rust Remover Liquid and Rust Remover Gel, water-based, non-toxic products that quickly dissolve rust from metal surfaces. All FERTAN Rust products are backed by the CRP Automotive standard of excellence.

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