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Diagnosing Secondary Ignition Problems

Kilovolt demand can vary widely according to air/fuel ratio, running compression and spark timing.

You Are Essential In This Chaotic Environment

You’re the reason effective, affordable and reliable transportation continues across our country even through tough times.

GM Engine Noises During Cold Start, Warm Engine Operation

The new Small Block Generation 5 engine family incorporates a new fuel system technology known as direct injection (DI).

Ultimate Underhood – Gasoline Particulate Filters

Just like a DPF, a gasoline particulate filter (GPF) traps and stores soot particles in the exhaust stream.

Nissan VQ V6 Water Pump Installation Tips

Book time on this job can range from 2-3 hours, depending on the model and layout. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement Tips

The cabin air filter is generally considered an integral, but often overlooked part of the heating and A/C system.

Engine Compression Testing

Read this article to find out how to reduce rotating friction and increase running compression.

Factory Air Freshener

The system uses air quality sensors outside and inside the vehicle.

Take The Wheel

Vehicles today with telematics collect 256 GB of data per hour. That’s equivalent to the power of roughly 30 computers.

Understanding Five Volt Reference Signals

A 5-volt reference flows through a sensor with a resistance that varies according to changes in temp., pressure or position.

The Complexities Of Modern Timing

The technology that leads to more fuel efficiency and performance also means increased complexity with timing components.

Auto Service The Way It Used To Be

The auto service business has definitely changed over the decades, but in some ways the story probably has stayed the same.