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How To Plan For What You Can’t Plan For

When unexpected things upend your day, do you have a backup plan for when it all hits the fan?

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Getting The Longest Life From Serpentine Belts

The serpentine drive belt system is actually made up of a set of sub-systems, designed to work in concert with one another.

Trial And Error Training

Today’s technology gives lots of learning opportunities – failure to heed the lesson can be costly.

How Battery Service Continues To Change

Your attention to a battery’s condition will tell you if it needs to be replaced – and with what.

Do Your Shop Challenges Start At The Top?

Shop owners are pressured into offering health insurance, tool allowances and retirement plans for employees.

Testing A/C Or Heater Blower Motor Circuits

The heat eventually burns out the blower motor resistor, and, in many cases, causes the electrical connector to melt.

Fixing Late-Model Ford Focus Engine Vibration Problems

Inspect the rear engine roll restrictor for debris and install a service shield.

7 Reasons Direct-Injection High-Pressure Fuel Pumps Fail

High-pressure fuel pumps can malfunction and/or fail due to a number of factors.

Chrysler EPS Module Connector Security

During EPS module electrical diagnosis and verification, DO NOT disconnect the gray EPS torque sensor connector.

Ford Clock Master Diagnostics

The clock master is the master module responsible for keeping time and broadcasting this information to the slave module(s).

Acura Tech Tip: Engine Shuts Off, But Power Mode Stays In On

When you shift into Park and use the One-Push button to shut off the engine, does the power mode stay in ON?