January 2022 Archives - UnderhoodService
Power Window Regulator and Motor Service

Power windows are great as long as they roll up and down when commanded to do so.

Programming Options

Let’s help keep the code secure and your sanity intact.

Oil and Carbon Deposits

Here’s how oil can influence carbon deposits.

Regular AC Maintenance Helps Prevent Compressor Failure

Not following the proper service procedures or compressor oil recommendations could be factors to early compressor failure.

Spark Plug Removal Techniques On Ford Modular Engines

Ford’s Modular engine has been known to give techs a hard time during a spark plug replacement. 

Diagnosing High Failure Rates in OEM Electronic Throttle Bodies

Electronic throttle control faults can occur and they can be frustrating for motorists as well as technicians. 

Is It Really That Bad?

It can be challenging keeping up with new technology. But, it has been this way for almost 100 years.

Understanding Electronic Throttle Controls

The benefits of an electronic throttle control system include overall reliability and more efficient operation.

Seeking Success? You’re Not Alone

Stress is one of the biggest hurdles to success, not to mention one of the most pervasive silent health risks we face daily.

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