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Getting Plugged In

Have you ever plugged in the scan tool into the Diagnostic Communication Link (DCL) and saw a no communication message? Is it a scan tool issue or something going on with the circuits for the 16 pins in the connector?

Direct Injection Logic: How The High-Pressure Fuel Pump Solenoid Works

A direct injection fuel pump can’t increase its speed independent of the engine to increase it’s output or pressure, so it has to control the volume of fuel that is compressed. This relationship is what makes direct injection high-pressure fuel pumps a mystery to some technicians and even engineers. But once you understand the relationship between the pump and control solenoid, your diagnostic skills will grow.

TPMS And Radio Waves: What You Can’t See Can Hold Up A Relearn

TPMS and keyless entry can be difficult to understand because these systems rely on transmitting, receiving and decoding radio waves. You can see wires connecting modules and components, but seeing radio signals takes a little faith in science.

The Carbon Deposit Conundrum

Engine carbon deposits have been around for more than 100 years. They start out as fresh oil and gasoline. The engine uses heat, compression and combustion to turn most of the fuel into power. But, during some combustion events, a droplet of fuel or oil is transformed into a substance that can become a carbon deposit. This typically happens when there are conditions that are outside of the normal operating conditions.

Look, Listen And Feel: Inspecting Modern Drive Belts

If you look at some new owners’ manual maintenance schedules, you might notice that many automakers are no longer including a replacement interval for the drive belts. You may think that it is a clerical error, but OEMs want technicians to regularly inspect belts because they expire at varying rates, depending on how they wear on the vehicle.

Hyundai Turbocharged Theta And Gamma Engines: Maintenance And Minimizing Damage

Hyundai has two four-cylinder engines that use a turbocharger. The Gamma and Theta turbocharged engines were introduced in 2010 for many Hyundai cars and trucks. These engines also have direct injection, which makes them even more efficient. Knowing the basics of how all turbocharged systems work can serve you well in solving problems with turbo-equipped Hyundais. A good scan tool that can graph boost pressure and a smoke machine can also improve diagnostic procedures.

The Lost Art Of The Phone Call

I hate to say it, but the phone call is a dying form of communication. Even with more phone numbers issued, the act of speaking into a phone is a lost art with some people. For them, it is easier to send a text message, instant message or post something on social media.