February 2021 Archives - UnderhoodService
Power Window Regulator Replacement

Blindly replacing a window regulator and motor assembly may not solve a customer’s problem.

Alternator Testing For No Charge Conditions

Many alternator problems turn out to be nothing more than a bad connection at the alternator or a bad wiring harness.

How A Chance Meeting Led To A Plan To Change The Industry

NWA Car Clinic, Lowell, Ark., serves the Ozarks’ automotive population with a bit of European precision.

Trial And Error Training

Today’s technology gives lots of learning opportunities – failure to heed the lesson can be costly.

Do Your Shop Challenges Start At The Top?

Shop owners are pressured into offering health insurance, tool allowances and retirement plans for employees.

Testing A/C Or Heater Blower Motor Circuits

The heat eventually burns out the blower motor resistor, and, in many cases, causes the electrical connector to melt.

Fixing Late-Model Ford Focus Engine Vibration Problems

Inspect the rear engine roll restrictor for debris and install a service shield.