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The No-Code Conundrum: The Art Of Diagnosing What The PCM Can’t See

Doing mobile diagnostics, I obviously get more than my share of no-code driveability problems. Case in point, I was asked by a client shop to “take a quick look” at a stalling complaint on a 2003 Ford Explorer with a cable-operated throttle.

CES Technology: The Big, The Bold And The Survivors

Do you remember the internet “bubble” in 1999 that caused financial ruin for many due to business plans that never had a plan to make money? Right now investors in autonomous vehicle technology are many; the money involved is breathtaking; and the risk is enormous for all but the few who will survive.

Window Regulator Servicing Tips

Understand these eight tips to help you better understand how to repair window regulators.

HFO-1234yf: Regulations And Requirements

SAE standard J2843, for “R-1234yf (HFO-1234yf) recovery equipment for refrigerants used in mobile air conditioning systems,” establishes the minimum equipment requirements for the recovery, recycling and recharging of R-1234yf.

Fuel Injector Function Testing

If a fuel injector is not operating within set parameters, it can cause driveability symptoms and codes that can point to components other than a faltering fuel injector.

Timing Chain Stretch: It Could Be Neglected Oil Changes And The Wrong Oil

Timing chain stretch is not the stretching of the timing chain, it is an elongation of the timing chain caused by wear to the chain’s components. The most common cause of timing chain stretch is lack of maintenance and regular oil changes.

Using A TPMS Tool As An Information Database In The Bay

It might be tempting to think that your shop does not need to invest in a modern TPMS tool, but newer TPMS tools are a repository of information.

Piercing And Probing Wires With The Least Damage Possible

The Hippocratic Oath states a doctor shall “do no harm.” The technician’s oath is the same, but we “do no harm” to a vehicle we are trying to diagnose or repair.