February 2017 Archives - UnderhoodService
Dodge/Jeep TSB: No A/C Over 50 MPH, Engine Runs Hot

This bulletin involves inspecting the primary thermostat housing for a resin material (debris) blocking the cylinder head coolant port. Models: 2010 Journey, Avenger, Compass, Patriot and Caliber.

Dodge Jeep caliber no ac
Ford F350 TSB: P1633 KAM Voltage Too Low From Bad Battery Terminal

Faulty battery terminals aren’t always easy to spot with a visual inspection. Follow this Real Fix to see how a bad battery terminal causes a P1633 code.

VW Beetle, Golf And Jetta: Broken Tensioner, Root Cause Of Failure Is Alternator Pulley

This type of failure is the result of severe vibrations in the accessory belt drive system. While a broken tensioner may be the result, the root cause often lies elsewhere in the system.

HVAC: A/C Update For R1234yf Refrigerants

The benefit of R1234yf is simple. The new refrigerant lasts only 11 days in the atmosphere compared to 13 years for R134a. This is why the EPA is requiring

Dodge Ram TSB: Short Runner Valve Control Performance Codes P1004, P2016 Or P2017

Customers may experience a MIL illumination for P1004, P2016 or P2017. Further investigation by the technician may find that DTCs are active or stored.

Ultimate Underhood: Dry Sump Engine Oil Systems

On GM’s newer LT V8s, there is an option for a dry sump lubrication system. Dry sump oiling systems improve lubrication system performance during aggressive driving maneuvers and high cornering loads.

Honda TPMS: Direct And Indirect System Resets And Service

Honda TPMS can be one of the more difficult systems concerning relearns, reset, calibrations and programming in new sensors for direct and indirect systems

Auto Care From A Male Perspective

The recent opening of Girls Auto Clinic in the Philadelphia area has received a lot of news coverage as of late. According to owner Patrice Banks, she founded the shop, which doubles as a nail salon, as an alternative to typically male-dominated facilities.