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Belt-In-Oil Timing Systems

Oil contamination of the belt drive has been a death sentence, due to the rubber and fiber construction of the belt.

Lessons Learned by Being Back – The Last Word

After two years, our industry finally had its homecoming.

Tool Up For Belts

Here are six tools to make your next belt replacement more productive.

FORD Explorer High-Speed Cooling Fan Motor RELAY Overheating

A damaged non-functional relay, causing the fan to never turn on may lead to engine overheating at idle.

Ignition And Coil Flashover

If you see carbon tracking or “flash over” on a spark plug, boot or coil, it is not normal.

Duramax 6.6L Turbocharger Replacement

No matter the symptoms or damaged parts, the root cause of the failure must be diagnosed and resolved.

What’s Your Two-Year Plan?

After two years, our industry finally had its homecoming.

Fuel Injector Wave Forms

Diagnosing a fuel injector circuit with a scope can help you to confirm the health of the drivers and injectors.

Diesel Glow Plugs Operation

Having higher pressures and metered fuel at the right time means more efficiency, less pollution and lower fuel consumption.

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