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Determining Catalytic Converter Efficiency

Almost every part on the engine determines how long a catalytic converter will last.

Nissan Tech Tip: Permanent DTC (P-DTC) Information

Starting with 2010 Model Year, Nissan vehicles have been gradually incorporating a new type of DTC known as “Permanent DTC or P-DTC.” If a vehicle is equipped with P-DTCs, all emission-related DTCs will also set a P-DTC if the MIL is turned on.

Getting The TPMS Light Out On The First Try

Whether the customer brings in the vehicle with a TPMS light triggered, or one triggers as a result of performing some tire service, not being able to turn off the MIL can sometimes cause headaches for shops. Here are a few commonly overlooked issues that could be triggering a warning light.

Top 10 Timing Belt Tips

Inspection is the most critical first step that must be performed before the first bolt is removed from the timing belt cover. The inspection needs to include looking for the usual leaks and inspecting items like the oil, motor mounts and accessory drive belt components. You should also scan the vehicle for both active and historical codes.

Transmissions And Scan Tools

The transmission game has changed. Solenoids, sensors and computers have replaced vacuum lines, governors and kick-down cables on modern automatic transmissions. The tools have also changed: Scan tools, scopes and meters have replaced pressure and vacuum gauges.

The Second Belt: Getting The Replacement To Last As Long As The Original

Selling a replacement serpentine belt at 90,000 or 100,000 miles is easy. But, making that new belt go the same distance as the original can be more difficult. With zero miles on an odometer, the belt is operating in the best possible environment. The plane of the belt pulleys is properly aligned and there are no leaks. And, the tensioner is new and the spring and dampening elements are not worn out.

Top 5 Spark Plug Tips

Here are five little-known tips about spark plug replacement that you probably didn’t learn in school.

Direct Fuel Injection Diagnostics

Direct injection is becoming standard on more and more late-model vehicles. These systems can be a diagnostic challenge but, with the right foundation, problems can be solved profitably.

The Auto Loan Bubble: Could The Bursting Benefit Your Shop?

In November, it was reported that in the U.S. there is approximately $1.23 trillion in automotive financing debt (traditional loans and leasing) for both new and used vehicles, according to several financial analysts and federal institutions. What is really shocking is that for the past six years, outstanding vehicle debt has risen more than 57 percent. Some people are calling it an “auto loan bubble” that is just starting to burst.