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Ford F-150 ECOBOOST 3.5L Pattern Failures

With almost 400,000 3.5L EcoBoost engines on the road today, these engines have proven to be a solid power unit. Many of these engines are out of warranty and heading to your shop. Here are the top failures and what to look for.

2011 Ford F-150 3.5-liter EcoBoost Engine
Finding Failing O2 Sensors

Oxygen sensors are some of the most often replaced sensors. Inputs from the O2 sensors are used by the engine management system to adjust the fuel mixture. This is critical for maintaining low emissions and good fuel economy. If an O2 sensor gets “lazy” because of old age or contamination, the computer may not be able to adjust the fuel mixture quickly enough as the engine’s operating conditions change. O2 sensors that are failing tend to read lean, which causes the fuel system to run overly rich to compensate. The result is increased emissions and fuel consumption.

Oxygen sensor
EVAP Leak Diagnostics

On its own, any leak detection device can be a powerful tool to detect leaks. In the wrong hands, using these can lead to comebacks and parts being replaced needlessly. But, when one of these devices is paired with service information, training and most importantly a scan tool, it can lead to a more profitable and productive diagnostic process.

EVAP system
Oil Monitors: Talking To Customers About Life And Reality

With today’s vehicles, different makes and models have stark differences in component design and engineering. Likewise, the driving style between any two drivers on the road can be just as varied as the vehicles they own. So, the question then in the face of these variables is, “Why are most oil change guidelines still so uniform and generic?”

The First Motor Mounts: 1932 Dodge Floating Power

It’s hard to imagine that most vehicles before WWII had only basic motor mounts that just held the engine and transmission to the frame. With the powerful engineering resources of Chrysler at its disposal, Dodge was able to offer numerous technical innovations on new models in 1932, including Floating Power, an engine mounting system that

Gonzo’s Toolbox: Abbreviations LOF!

One of the techs came into the office some time ago to explain some crazy readings he was getting after hooking up to the DLC with the NGS. As he was explaining the problem, a very inquisitive customer was sitting at the counter waiting for an LOF. The technician and I discussed the test results and worked out a way to narrow down the problem even further. The whole time the customer was intently listening to every word of the conversation about MAFs, TPSs, MAPs, ACTs, PCMs and CTSs.

Texting abbreviations
Directions: Parts Cabinet Potential

When I was a small child, I spent weekends at my grandfather’s Chevron station in Denver. I remember the row of brightly colored cabinets and special displays he had for parts. There were cabinets for light bulbs, brake pads, bearings and many more parts that I have since forgotten. Typically, these cabinets were given to

Parts cabinet