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10 Commandments Of Catalytic Converter Replacement

Paperwork, laws and warranty issues can cause headaches.

GM Tech Tip: Lin Bus Diagnostics

As more smart motors, switches and sensors are being used, there are more Local Interconnect Network (LIN) buses on vehicles.

Turbo Cooling: The Real Reason Turbochargers Are Back

The biggest part of the problem was deposits formed when the engine was off and the turbo was heat soaked.

Why Is Carbon An Issue Now?

The early 2000s was the golden age of port fuel injection. Carbon deposit problems had gone the way of worn ignition points and V-belts.

Intelligent Cooling Systems

Smart thermostats and pumps are adding a new wrinkle to diagnostics.

Engineering Better Belt Systems

When a piston accelerates downward after the ignition of the fuel and air, the crankshaft speeds up and then slows down as it reaches the bottom of the stroke.

Reprogramming And Diagnosing Modules And Networks

When a late-model car or truck is started, it is a lot more than the switch activating a solenoid for the starter. Now, it is a series of handshakes and exchanges of information between modules over networks.

Like It Or Not: Vehicle Manufacturers Have Your Data

You probably know your phone, computer and other devices are constantly collecting your data. Did you know your vehicle does this, too?

Diagnosing Positive Crankcase Ventilation Leaks

The PCV system prevents crankcase blowby vapors from escaping into the atmosphere by capturing the vapors, separating the oil and directing them into the intake manifold so they can be burned in the engine.

Dumb Thoughts About Smart Cars

Only 2 percent of accidents are due to vehicle component failure of degradation.