August 2017 Archives - UnderhoodService
Mercedes-Benz HD Projector Headlights: The Next Headlight Innovation

Mercedes-Benz is working on the latest generation of headlights that could change the way we drive at night. This new technology turns headlights into digital projectors that not only project light, but also images to aid the driver and pedestrians.

Toyota V8 Timing Belt Service

Each of the various Toyota models that use the V8 have specific items that must be removed to allow access to the timing belt and allow room to remove the accessories, belt drives and timing covers.

Catching The Electron Flow: Multimeters And Fuse Box Diagnostics

Gary Goms explains why the multimeter is the first tool he reaches for in his diagnostic tool box when diagnosing electrical system problems.

Personal Preventive Maintenance: Don’t Let Work Get In The Way Of Life

Vehicle owners that have neglected to take care of their cars with standard preventive maintenance are far too common in our line of work. After decades of being behind the service counter, as well as under the hood, I do get a bit frustrated that people won’t do any preventive maintenance, or neglect to tell me about an intermittent problem they’ve had forever because they feel it has nothing to do with the problem they brought their vehicle in for.

Are You Ready For Amazon?

There are questions about Amazon’s ability to enter the auto care space, namely centered around same-day parts delivery and their ability to cut down on current lag times. While Amazon might not have vehicle repair figured out quite yet, one bet is for sure: If Amazon is able to make vehicle repairs easier and more convenient, the industry will find a place for them.

ASE A2 Prep: Transmission Diagnostics

The transmission game has changed. Solenoids, sensors and computers have replaced vacuum lines, governors and kick down cables on modern automatic transmissions. The tools have also changed: Scan tools, scopes and meters have replaced pressure and vacuum gauges.

TPMS Top Tips

If you are having problems with a relearn procedure or the TPMS light won’t go out after a test drive, look to see if the check engine light is on or if there are any codes related to the modules that communicate with the TPMS.

Diesel Coolants: The Right Fluid For The Right Application

Which antifreeze should you use in your diesel engine? It seems just when you think that things are starting to settle down, some spec changes. Engine oil has been a hot topic over the past several months and has seen many changes over the past 10 years.

Public Relations In The Auto Repair Industry: Image Is Everything

We talk a lot about attracting new talent to our industry, but it seems to me that we have a serious PR problem that needs to be addressed before this can be accomplished.

Curing Carbon Deposits On Direct Injection Engines

Direct injection improves fuel economy by injecting the correct amount of fuel for the conditions in the combustion chamber. But, it is not a perfect science: Carbon deposits can form on the intake valves, piston and other surfaces in the combustion chamber.

Engine Oil Specifications 101

Engine oil can be one of the most confusing and controversial products to select for a vehicle. The reason for this is that engines are becoming more stressed and require lubricants with specific attributes to protect and power gasoline engines with turbochargers, direct fuel injection and advanced internal components.