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Learning Curve: Need For Training Doesn’t Take Vacation

Where can you turn for the latest, most comprehensive training resources? The answer may be closer than you think.

The Importance of Clean, Quality Oil in Timing Chain Systems

Using the wrong oil is a common problem that causes a vehicle’s timing chain to wear even quicker.

Welcome To 2035 – What It Might Look Like

The future is what we make it. We need to start addressing technology now so 2035 becomes a bright future.

Check Out Our April Digital Edition Magazine

Included are articles on oil filter technology, timing chains, spark plug service tips and more!

Avoid The Middle – Tips For Properly Setting Labor Rates

The key to evaluating your labor rate is to find the balance between charging a fair price and being highly profitable.

How A Chance Meeting Led To A Plan To Change The Industry

NWA Car Clinic, Lowell, Ark., serves the Ozarks’ automotive population with a bit of European precision.

Power Steering Pump Noise After Replacement

Brake and carburetor cleaners work well, but will cause seals and O-rings to swell and leak if left in the system.

Managing (DPF) Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration Cycles

The DPF is designed to store the soot and ash, to later burn them off during a regeneration cycle.

Shop Talk: Business Analysis From Leading Ladies

Past Female Shop Owners of the Year talk about changes in business – and what has, importantly, stayed the same.

Honda Electronic Throttle Body Service Tips

Using care and following OEM procedures will help you to avoid unnecessary parts replacement and comebacks.

Is Menu Pricing Your Crutch?

Let’s be honest: Menus listing prices almost never solve customers’ real problems.

A History Of Automatic Temperature Control

Temperature control has gotten more complicated as manufacturers get more innovative and consumers get more demanding.