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Gonzo’s Toolbox: Abbreviations LOF!

One of the techs came into the office some time ago to explain some crazy readings he was getting after hooking up to the DLC with the NGS. As he was explaining the problem, a very inquisitive customer was sitting at the counter waiting for an LOF. The technician and I discussed the test results and worked out a way to narrow down the problem even further. The whole time the customer was intently listening to every word of the conversation about MAFs, TPSs, MAPs, ACTs, PCMs and CTSs.

Texting abbreviations
Think Before You Grab The Scanner

Scott “Gonzo” Weaver tells the story of what can happen when you forget the basics as a technician.

Port of Opportunity

There is a flood of aftermarket OBD-II devices that are designed to track drivers, diagnose check engine lights, and even perform remote starting, but are they good for the aftermarket?

Acura: Intake Leak Code P2279 Set After Throttle Body Cleaning or Replacement

If you have just cleaned the throttle body and now you’ve a fluctuating idle and code P2279 (intake air system leak), the problem could be that the system needs to relearn the new throttle plate position because the system could be operating using the old data.

No-Start, No-Crank on Mazda6

In extremely cold weather (approximately -30° C), a customer may experience an engine no-start/no-crank condition due to a frozen main relay and/or fuel pump relay.

VW & EPA Fiasco Bring Reflashing Into the Spotlight

It was revealed VW cheated on EPA emissions tests by programming 2009-2015 diesel vehicles to recognize test conditions the EPA uses.

ECM Diagnostics: Troubleshooting P1518 Codes

ECM diagnostics can be a challenge because you often find yourself working after the fact. As described in the July 2015 issue of Underhood Service (“The 1,300-Mile Test Drive”), a seemingly routine loss of power and a no-cranking, no-instrument cluster, no-scan-tool communication complaint on a 2003 GMC Yukon, VIN Z 5.3-liter flex fuel engine turned out to be a major Diagnostic Dilemma.

Is Vehicle Hacking Good For The Aftermarket?

You have probably seen the Wired magazine story about the two guys who managed to hack a 2014 Jeep Cherokee using the telematics connection called U-Connect.

MINI Turbocharger Failure Caused By Oil Supply Line Blockage

Find out how to repair a MINI Cooper turbocharger failure caused by an oil supply line blockage. The symptoms are loss of performance and turbocharger noise.

Zombie Cars

Way back, when we used points and condensers, cars didn’t need brains, but that all changed in the mid-1970s with some imports and pretty much on everything else by the time the ‘80s came around.

Rental Car Revelation

Underhood Service Editor Andrew Markel discusses life on the road behind the wheel of some of today’s latest models.

Aftermarket TPMS Sensors and Scan Tools

The aftermarket has grown rapidly to accommodate all the high-production road vehicles with various TPMS sensors, hardware kits and quick service scan tools with features and software to service any TPMS system.