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Tech Tip: Motor Mounts – Supporting the Engine and Transmission

Motor mounts are not a very glamorous product, but they do have an important function: They support the engine and transmission, and dampen noise and vibration. The mounts isolate the engine and transmission from the chassis so vibrations and noise are not transmitted to the rest of the vehicle.

Tech Tip: How Engine Oil Becomes Engine Sludge

Fresh engine oil is a clear, free-flowing liquid blend of base stock and additives that contains no fuel, water, coolant, dirt or other contaminants. In engines that have failed prematurely, the oil has very often been transformed into a high viscosity deposit of brown or black goo, commonly referred to as "sludge."

Tech Tip: Motor Mounts – An Opportunity for an Add-On

Often-overlooked engine components that may need to be replaced when installing a remanufactured engine are motor mounts. These rubber mounts can deteriorate, collapse and/or separate with age. Fluid-filled "hydraulic" type mounts can often leak, allowing annoying engine vibrations to be transmitted to the chassis.

Under Pressure: Maintaining Ford’s Electronic Returnless Fuel System

By Glen Beanard, Technical Contributor Here we go again. A simple electric pump pushing fuel up to the engine, with its pressure being controlled by a little valve, and returning the unused fuel to the tank was not good enough. Now, we need to make that all fancy by adding a new controller, adding a

Tech Tip: Complete Timing Belt System Replacement Can Increase Sales, Reduce Comebacks

When servicing the import timing system, many technicians replace only the worn belt. They overlook the tensioner, tensioner pulleys and idlers because failure modes such as misalignment, loss of lubricant and weak spring force are often hard to detect.

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