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AMN Drivetime: Clay Millican (Podcast)

In this inaugural episode of AMN Drivetime, Babcox Media CEO Bill Babcox talks with six-time NHRA world champion about his career trajectory from the Kroger warehouse driving forklifts to drag racing

Clay Millican
Understanding How Rental Car Insurance Impacts Your Shop

If you have a loaner or rental car program, you need to understand the liability you could face without the right insurance.

Training Still Matters, Regardless Of The Method

In person or virtual, successful training takes commitment – but it will pay off for your shop in numerous ways.

Customer Communication: Lessons From Virtual AAPEX Experience

The Virtual AAPEX Experience meant first class training experiences are easier to access and more effective than ever.

How To Capture The Real Value Of A Virtual AAPEX Experience

There is real value to be captured from the virtual technical training sessions and product introductions for Nov. 3rd-5th.

How The Virtual AAPEX Experience Will Make You More Successful

In this podcast you’ll find out the benefits and opportunities presented at this year’s Virtual AAPEX Experience Nov. 3-5!

Servicing and Maintaining Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

In this episode of the Lubrizol 360 podcast, we discuss the service and maintenance implications of the growing number of hybrid and electric vehicles. We sit down with Lubrizol’s Martin Birze and My Hang Truong discuss how vehicles like the BMW i3, Chevy Volt and Toyota Prius are changing how engine oil and driveline fluids

Underhood Service Podcast: Understanding and Inspecting Engine Air Filters and Cabin Air Filters (Season 1, Episode 4)

Filtering the air that enters a vehicle is critical to the performance and comfort of the driver. But, it can be challenging to determine when an engine air filter or cabin air filter should be replaced. Andrew Markel talks about filters with Tom Walsh from MAHLE and how to inspect and judge a filter. This episode is sponsored by MAHLE.

Underhood Service Podcast: Oil Filters – The Doorman Of The Engine (Season 1, Episode 3)

Andrew Markel talks about oil filters with Tom Walsh from MAHLE. They discuss what a technician should look for when he or she pulls off an old oil filter, the truth about extended interval oil filters, the best place to get instructions for installing a filter, and more. This episode is sponsored by MAHLE.

Episode 1 of the Talking Shop with Shop Owner Podcast: Hosting Successful Car Care Clinics

Episode 1 of Talking Shop with Shop Owner magazine explores what it takes to host a successful car care clinic. Bill Hill, owner of Mighty Auto Pro in Medina, Ohio, and Leigh Anne Best, the shop’s marketing director join us in studio.  Sponsored by SNAP Finance.

Talking Shop With Shop Owner Podcast
Podcast: LSPI and Why Oil Specs are Changing

In the second Lubrizol 360 podcast, Lubrizol business manager Martin Birze and PhD chemist Matt Gieselman cover the new oil certifications SN-Plus and Dexos 1 Gen 2. We also look at the challenges facing shops stocking the correct bulk and bottle oil inventory today and in the future.

Underhood Service Podcast: Turbocharger Tech Season 1, Episode 2

In this episode, we talk turbochargers and how they are changing maintenance, service, and diagnostics.