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VIDEO: The Worst Spark Plug Jobs (Part 1)

Andrew Markel starts on a list of the six most difficult spark plug jobs you may have already dealt with. This video includes the GM Quad-4 engine, the Toyota Previa van, and the Chrysler Town and Country.

VIDEO: Diesel Exhaust Fluid Winter Tip

Andrew Markel shares a quick tip about diesel exhaust fluid and why the level sensor may show as low in the winter, even when it is topped off.

VIDEO: TCM Service

Andrew Markel debunks the myth that the TCM learns how the customer drives the vehicle.

Power Window Retaining Spring Replacement

Andrew Markel introduces a 30-minute webinar on the top TSBs of 2016 and how they can help diagnose vehicles in 2017. Sponsored by Federated Auto Parts.

VIDEO: Carbon Deposits On Direct Injection Engines

Jon Nelson explains why carbon deposits happen and how to diagnose misfires and clean intake valves.

VIDEO: Oil Filter Maintenance

Andrew Markel describes the importance of installing oil filters properly and where any filter’s main point of failure is.

VIDEO: AAPEX 2016 Insights

Andrew Markel discusses his take on conversations he had with economists at AAPEX 2016, including the future of purchasing parts.

VIDEO: Fuel Hose And Fuel Pump Replacement

Andrew Markel stresses the importance of choosing the right fuel hose type for its application on a vehicle.

VIDEO: Decoupler Pulleys

Andrew Markel shows how decoupler pulleys overcome belt issues like slippage from speed variations to keep the engine running efficiently.

VIDEO: Variable Valve Timing Actuator Service

Andrew Markel shows how a slight misalignment of the camshaft can cause codes and wreak havoc on engine parts.

VIDEO: Turbochargers and Carbon Deposits

Andrew Markel explains the importance of taking extra steps to keep from damaging the turbocharger during a regular induction cleaning.

VIDEO: How To Deal With Air Conditioning Smells

Andrew Markel discusses what to do to get rid of A/C smells after customers have tried to do it themselves.