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Electronically Controlled Thermostats: A New Take On Wax And Brass

An electronic thermostat can preemptively control the temperature the same way the fuel injection system can control the stoichiometric ratio in the combustion chamber by changing the pulse width of the fuel injector. By being able to control the temperature of the coolant, the engine management system can optimize engine performance so leaner combustion events can take place and cold start periods are minimized.

Water Pump Damage From Tensioner Misalignment Or Damage

Visual inspection is required to verify the correct alignment of chain tensioner and guide. Inspect for broken, cracked or missing guide material as well. It is not advised to reuse misaligned components. Also, check the chain for any imperfections.

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K-Seal Launches K-Seal Academy

K-Seal International has announced K-Seal academy, an online training program on engine cooling and repair. The program is free of charge, and can be completed in under 10 minutes, claims K-Seal. The program goes over the basics of the technology, showing how an engine is cooled, different types of leak repair technology, common issues in the cooling system, and how to use the Academy’s information to add value to your shop’s customer service.

Electric Water Pump Replacement

We recently had a 2007 BMW Z4 with the N52 engine in the shop. When diagnosing a faulty electric water pump, the first thing that needs to be done is to verify if there are any water pump-related diagnostic codes. There’s a very good chance there will be some. I then like to perform a visual inspection, but don’t look for the water pump from the top of the engine. You’ll want to drop the lower panels, and you will see the pump on the lower right side of the engine.

Volkswagen: Identifying And Mixing Factory Fill Engine Coolants

Coolants G11, G12, G12+ and G12++ have been replaced by an improved version. G13 coolant is introduced on all engines.

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Underhood Update On R-1234yf Refrigerant

If you haven’t had a lot of experience dealing with R-1234yf in your shop yet, get ready. You’re going to steadily be seeing a lot more of this refrigerant in the coming years. Underhood Service talked with ASE Executive Director of Special Projects Dave Cappert about R-1234yf updates and best practices techs need to know to be able to service these vehicles before one catches you off guard.

2013 GMC Acadia Dash Detail
Gaskets: Ignoring And Top Off Troubles

Engine oil and coolant leaks should not be ignored. Topping off the levels is often more costly in the long run than repairing the leaking gasket or component. Advising a customer about the potential damage that can occur if they decline a leak repair is not a scare tactic, it is important that they know the real price of their decision.

Summer Vacation Insurance: Catch a System Failure Before it Interrupts Your Customers’ Travel Plans

The typical family vacation might start with a trip to your shop to get the oil changed and the vehicle inspected. Taking the extra time to inspect the belts and hoses can make for a trouble-free vacation for your customer and extra revenue for your shop, while a broken belt or burst hose can bring

Coolant Transfusion: Proper Selection Prevents System Degradation

Coolant is mostly a mixture of ethylene glycol and water, with a small percentage being solvents, additives and inhibitors – but it’s the mixing and matching of those last pieces that really determine what coolant should be used and when. There are three main coolant buckets, defined by their different additive philosophies.

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Water Pump Cavitation: What Cavitation In Pumps Means

The tiny “bubbles” of cavitation kill water pumps. While you will never actually see the tiny bubbles of cavitation in pumps, you can see the damage of water pump cavitation that looks like metal eaten by termites. That is because these are not really bubbles you see when it comes to the cavitation in pumps – they are voids.

A New Look at Cooling System Technology

While changes in modern cooling system technology might not be apparent in day-to-day servicing, the fact is that auto manufacturers are continuing to increase fuel economy and power output by changing how the cooling system operates. But technical change has developed very gradually. In the beginning, a few turn-of-the-century auto manufacturers relied on a thermal-expansion

Remember the Filters During an AutomaticTransmission Fluid Evacuation Service

Fluid evacuation systems in the automatic transmission service industry are commonly being used in lieu of traditional transmission service methods. The use of this method to replace the transmission fluid is a clean, efficient and safe way to remove hot oil from a transmission. However, there are some risks to doing a fluid evacuation service.

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