Auto Diagnostics and Codes
Mitchell 1 ProDemand Maintenance Module Updated With Improved User Interface

Mitchell 1 has updated the Maintenance Module of its ProDemand repair, diagnostic and maintenance information program with an improved user interface so that customers can more easily understand and access maintenance services.

Mitchell 1’s ProDemand Now Includes VIN Entry And New Quote Feature

Mitchell 1’s ProDemand repair, diagnostic and maintenance information product now includes Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) entry, making it easier than ever for auto repair technicians to connect to the correct repair information for the vehicles in their bays.

Diagnose Faster Than Ever With Mac Tools’ Mentor Touch

Thirty years of OEM-level coverage for domestic, Asian and European vehicles can be found in the Mentor Touch diagnostic system.

ITM’s TPMS Uni-sensor Fulfills Shops’ Needs With Two SKUs

The ITM Uni-sensor is one of the first programmable TPMS programs that provides 95% vehicle application coverage for domestic, Asian and European vehicles.

Tracer Products Introduces Rechargeable, True UV LED Leak Detection Flashlight

Tracer Products has unveiled the Tracerline OPTI-PRO Max – a cordless, state-of-the-art, true UV (violet light) LED leak detection flashlight. The OPTI-PRO Max works with all Tracerline universal/ester and PAG A/C dyes, as well as TP-3400, TP-3405, TP-3900 and TP-3940 fluid dyes.

Mitchell 1 Releases Manager SE With Auto Updater

Mitchell 1 announces that the latest release of its Manager SE shop management system, version 6.5, includes the new Mitchell 1 Auto Updater, a built-in feature that automatically updates the software and eliminates the need for shops to perform manual updates. With Auto Updater, all software updates, patches and enhancements are delivered automatically, saving time for users and ensuring that shops always have access to the latest features without having to run a DVD installation.

Scope Accessories You Can’t Live Without

If you’re buying a new scope or upgrading one you already own, here are some accessories that can make you more productive.

Electronic Specialties’ True RMS Low Current Clamp Meter Is Great for Parasitic Drain Testing

The 688 features a 0.75″ clamp opening. The enlarged clamp still maintains accurate low-reading capability of 1 mA for diagnosing parasitic battery drains.

What to Look For When Buying a Scope

If you’re in the market for a new scope, Underhood Service Editor Andrew Markel has provided his recommendations on how you can get the most bang for your diagnostic dollar.

Matco Tools Expands Diagnostic Family With Two New Products

As part of Matco Tools’ mission to continue providing the most innovative tools on the market, the company announced at its distributor expo that it will be expanding its growing line of diagnostic products with the launch of Maximus 2.0 and maxGO.

Start Solving Transmission Electronic Control Problems

Troubleshooting an automatic transmission can be one of the most intimidating diagnostic procedures at a shop. The first reaction is typically, “We don’t do that type of work.” But there is profit in performing drivetrain diagnostics and “in-the-car” repairs.

Snap-on Introduces VANTAGE Ultra

With all the scope functionality that technicians need to accurately identify the exact failing part on any vehicle, VANTAGE Ultra provides the ability, expert knowledge, tests and tips that are needed to help eliminate guesswork, reduce comebacks and increase confidence in every recommended repair.