Auto Diagnostics and Codes
VIDEO: No-Start No-Crank On Vehicles With Transponder Keys

Doug Kaufman discusses no-start and no-crank issues on vehicles, and the different diagnostic processes and tools you can use to find the problem. Sponsored by Blue Streak.

Selling TPMS At The Front Counter

Every time a tire is removed from a car, the TPMS should get a new service kit. Not replacing the kits could cause big problems with tire pressure and vehicle TPMS if not properly serviced.

VIDEO: What Does That Code Mean? Find Out Using A Service Information Database

Andrew Markel discusses cross-referencing and crowd-sourcing features of some service information databases, and how they can help you find out the causes and solutions for scan code information in the fastest way. Sponsored by ProDemand from Mitchell1.

VIDEO: Using Symptom-Based Lists To Add Value To Labor

Andrew Markel discusses a feature of some shop management software that allows you to quickly produce a task list based on a vehicle symptom. Sponsored by Manager SE from Mitchell1.

Nissan Tech Tip: CVT Fluid Level Quick Check Gauge

Steps 1 through 6 will ensure that CVT fluid is properly distributed throughout the transmission.

TPMS Service Opportunities: The 656-Million Sensor Market

September 2018 marked the 11-year anniversary of mandatory tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) for all light vehicles sold in the U.S. During these past 11 years, more than 164 million vehicles have been equipped with TPMS. If you multiply that number by four, it means that there are more than 656 million tire pressure sensors that will need replacement at some point.

Toyota Tech Tip: ABS Noise, Warning Lamps And Code C1431

Some 2012-’13 model year Camry vehicles may exhibit a condition where ABS brake actuator pump motor noise is heard from the engine compartment with Brake ABS and/or TRAC warning lamp(s) illuminated and DTC C1431 stored. A poor ground on the left fender side panel bracket may cause this condition after a collision repair.

Navigation Tricks For Getting The Most Out Of Your Service Information

Being able to navigate the service information quickly is just as an important skill a scanning for codes. Here are 10 tricks that can help you find the information faster.

TPMS Service: 2011 Toyota RAV4

TPMS relearns for the 2011 Toyota RAV4 are fairly straightforward and simple. The RAV4 doesn’t have a reset button underneath the dash or within the glove box, meaning technicians don’t have to worry about getting a TPMS relearn malfunction due to the vehicle’s ECU closed loop. This also means that in order to successfully service the RAV4’s TPMS, a shop needs a dedicated TPMS scan tool.

Communication Breakdown: Diagnosing Networks

If serial data buses did not exist, a wiring harness would have to be five times its normal size and use twice as many sensors to deliver the same level of functionality and safety we see in the modern vehicle. For example, take a brake pedal sensor. On a modern vehicle, the position of the brake pedal is used by the shift interlock, ABS, cruise control, traction control, brake lights and electric parking brake. If each system required its own switch and wiring, the complexity of the wiring harness and switches would be a diagnostic nightmare.

Subaru Tech Tip: Washer Fluid Level Sensor Diagnostics

The purpose of this Service Bulletin is to explain the inspection, diagnosis and replacement procedures for the washer fluid level sensor.

Acura Tech Tip: Tire Fill Assist Activation

The Acura Tire Fill Assist system on some Acura model is designed to help drivers set the correct tire pressure by flashing lights and horn. But, it can activate when you are servicing the vehicle.