Cabin Air Filters On Severe Service Vehicles (Video)

Cabin Air Filters On Severe Service Vehicles (Video)

The cabin air filter can take just as much of a beating in harsh areas as the rest of the vehicle. Sponsored by Purolator.


On page 34 of this vehicle owner’s manual it reads, “Severe service includes vehicles that are mainly driven in heavy-duty traffic in hot weather, driven in hilly or mountainous terrain, frequently towing a trailer, used for high-speed or competitive driving, or used for taxi, police, or delivery service.” A vehicle only needs to meet one of the requirements to qualify for severe service. But, all of them together sounds a lot like the average family vehicle during the summer months. Severe service vehicles mean maintenance intervals for fluids and filters are decreased in time and mileage to protect the vehicle in these harsh conditions. Severe service also includes the interior. Under extreme conditions, like heavy city traffic, the cabin air filter could be exposed to more particulates in the air that contain inert allergens that can cause respiratory issues. These inert allergens include soot, brake dust, and dirt. Some cabin air filters can even filter out virus aerosols.

Not having a fresh and high-quality cabin air filter can mean severe service for the occupants who spend on average 300 hours inside a year. Cabin air filters also protect the HVAC system from particulates and debris that can contaminate and clog the heater and evaporator cores. Even the most minor blockage can cause diminished air condition and defrost performance.

How do you inform the customer that they need to replace their cabin air filter? First, you can show them the condition of their current filter. 95% of vehicles on the roads have cabin air filters. Most are easy to access, in interior or under the hood. Second, show them the owner’s manual or service information describing severe service and the replacement recommendations for the cabin air filter. With these two items, you will get them talking and thinking about the cabin air filter.

Here is another item to get them talking. The average age of the vehicle on the road is more than 12 years old. So is the owner’s manual in the glove box. While the owner’s manual hasn’t been updated, cabin air filters have been updated and even upgraded. Purolator Boss premium cabin air filters with Febreze freshness, block and control odors, while preventing mold and bacteria growth on the filter. The maximum performance filtration technology also filters out virus aerosols, a vital defense mechanism in today’s environment. The highly efficient particulate layer blocks up to 99% of fine particles, like road dirt, brake dust, soot, pollen, and other inert allergens from entering the vehicle’s cabin, all while optimizing airflow through the HVAC system. This is technology that didn’t exist over 20 years ago. Thanks for watching.

This video is sponsored by Purolator

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