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Bosch ‘Light ‘Em Up!’ Spark Plug Campaign Meant to Dazzle Enthusiasts ‘Passionate’ about Their Cars

Bosch has launched an exciting, multimedia "Light 'Em Up!" spark plug campaign intended to generate and sustain enthusiastic "buzz" about Bosch spark plugs, and demonstrate to motorists that "Bosch is the right plug for me."

Bosch has launched an exciting, multimedia "Light ‘Em Up!" spark plug campaign intended to generate and sustain enthusiastic "buzz" about Bosch spark plugs, and demonstrate to motorists that "Bosch is the right plug for me." The campaign utilizes both traditional and progressive media, including cell phone technology, to impress upon enthusiast motorists who are passionate about their cars that Bosch spark plugs provide the most powerful spark they can buy.

One of the most ambitious promotional campaigns Bosch has ever undertaken, the "Light ‘Em Up!" campaign features:
• Bosch’s exclusive, FREE Light ‘Em Up Dyno mobile spark plug application that turns the motorist’s iPhone or iPod touch into a dynamometer within the vehicle, complete with special skins for the popular hand-held device, with an expanded-function version available for only $4.99;
• A dedicated "Light ‘Em Up!" website, at, featuring Web-based episodes of Hendrick Motorsports team members sharing "What lights them up," links to a dedicated YouTube channel and the unique, Bosch Light ‘Em Up Dyno application, plus info on rebate promotions, product information, a retail locator and parts finder;
• The "Light ‘Em Up!" rebate program, which provides significant rebates of up to $2 each on the purchase of Bosch premium spark plugs; also offering an additional $4.99 rebate with the purchase of Bosch spark plugs and the expanded-function Light ‘Em Up Dyno app;
• Bosch "Light ‘Em Up!" messaging integrated into video games; and
• Print and online advertising, including home page takeovers and push-downs on selected websites, and public relations aimed at the enthusiast motorist.

Provides Motorists with Superior Spark Plug Power
"The Light ‘Em Up" campaign uses both traditional and progressive media to generate excitement for premium Bosch spark plugs, and provide auto enthusiasts with the rationale and incentive to purchase and install Bosch plugs. Installing premium Bosch spark plugs will improve a vehicle’s efficiency, power and performance, and the "Light ‘Em Up" campaign will ensure that every motorist is aware of the many benefits these spark plugs will bring to his or her driving experience," said Pam Krebs, director of advertising and sales promotion for Bosch.

"From the exciting mobile dynamometer application for the iPhone/iPod touch to the dedicated microsite, YouTube channel online, online and print advertising and the significant rebate program, Bosch is notifying enthusiasts that they should take another look at Bosch spark plugs. These plugs deliver superior, reliable performance day in and day out, and we encourage everyone to check out our microsite at to find out why and to enjoy the "Light ‘Em Up" experience for themselves," she added.

The portfolio of Bosch premium spark plugs central to the "Light ‘Em Up" campaign includes Bosch Platinum Ir Fusion, Platinum+4, Platinum+2, Platinum Plus and Bosch Super Plus copper core spark plugs.

Bosch is a proud supporter of the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association’s Know Your Parts education and awareness campaign. This initiative promotes the importance of quality brand name aftermarket parts backed by full service suppliers, and its impact on delivering reliable products to today’s motorists. For more information visit:

For more information on Bosch Automotive Products, visit

For more information on Bosch Diagnostic and Wheel Service Equipment, visit

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