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Avoid GDI Performance Loss With New BG GDI Fuel/Air Induction Service

BG-Fuel-InjectionGasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engines are prone to early carbon buildup. Vehicle owners will notice a drop in power and performance, sometimes before the first oil change. BG introduces the new BG GDI Fuel/Air Induction Service, which will remove carbon from the entire GDI fuel system in under an hour, says the company.

GDI engines offer the performance of a muscle car with the fuel economy of a mid-sized sedan. GDI injectors spray directly into the hottest part of the combustion chamber for more complete, precise combustion. Add a turbocharger for a power boost and you have an engine that produces more power and fewer harmful emissions… with better fuel efficiency than traditional port fuel injection (PFI) engines.

Without proper maintenance, there’s an expiration date to more power, better fuel efficiency and lower emissions in GDI engines.

In the hottest part of the combustion chamber, injectors are constantly exposed to damaging heat and extreme pressure. It’s only a matter of time before injectors plug with carbon deposits and misfire, which leaves a car performing like a horse running on three legs.

Without the injector spraying in the intake like PFI engines, carbon builds more rapidly in intake ports and on the backs of intake valves. Then, incoming air bakes deposits dry, eventually choking the air supply.

The BG GDI Fuel/Air Induction Service:

• Restores fuel efficiency
• Restores performance
• Restores power
• Reduces harmful emissions

For additional information, contact your local distributor.

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