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Automotive Video Inc. Releases Snap-on Scan Tool Training Class

ACDelco's Technician of the Millennium teaches techs how to take full advantage of their scan tools.

Are you getting the most out of your scan tool? Automotive Video Inc. (AVI) has released a two-part class that teaches technicians how to take full advantage of the latest features of their SOLUS, MODIS and VERUS scanners. Scot Manna, ACDelco’s Technician of the Millennium and who also runs a beta test shop for Snap-on Tools, is the expert trainer.

Part One of the program covers using the scan tool, along with test driving the vehicle to streamline the diagnostic process. Part Two features several case studies showing users the latest enhancements in the 10.2 software and how technicians can use them to increase speed and efficiency of diagnosis and repair. Scot covers data changes, powerful testing capabilities, data transfers, diagnostic strategies, and advanced testing strategies.  

Historically, AVI’s scan tool training programs have been some of the best available on the market. This advanced three-hour DVD with manual is geared towards teaching technicians how to translate the advanced features and functions on their scan tools into time and money.

For more information or to purchase this class, call (800) 718-7246 ext 224 or visit

Team AVI helps today’s automotive repair professionals prepare for tomorrow’s technology by producing automotive, diagnostic and diesel training DVDs.  AVI is continually updating their extensive training library to provide shop owners and technicians with the most innovative training available.


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