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Tire Tech Feature: A Refresher Course on Slip Angles and Cornering Force

Thanks to today’s technology, there are many tread blocks cut at different angles and a lot of tread void to help get rid of water, snow, mud, etc. In other words, the chances of slipping off the road are less today than they were 20 years ago.

Tech Tip: Servicing Valve Stems and Cores

While looking at the valve stem, make sure the core is free of dirt and debris, which could cause interference with the valve function. Once you’ve assured yourself that the core is working properly, the only other caution is not to overtighten the valve core when you re-install it. This is particularly true with metal valve stems.

Double Hit

It’s not difficult to torque wheel fasteners properly, but it’s not difficult to foul up the job, either. We’re not using double talk here; we’re shootin’ straight from the hip. The easy part of proper wheel fastener torquing is knowing the vehicle manufacturer torque specifications for a particular passenger car, light truck or medium truck,

Tire Speed Ratings

The Alphabet Soup Debate

How Tread Design Impacts Wear, Traction, and Noise

When delving into the world of tread designs, one thing that is always fascinating is the size of the contact patch through which the tread design must roll. On an average-size passenger car tire, the contact patch is about the size of a 4×6-inch postcard. In total, all four contact patches reach about the size

Small Town Inc.

Dealing with City Hall: A Case Study