Phil Sasso, Author at UnderhoodService
Tech Tip: Using a Smoke Machine to Quickly and Accurately Pinpoint Leaks

Smoke technology is a quick, simple solution for troubleshooting leaks in virtually any closed automotive system. In fact, finding leaks with a smoke machine is as simple as looking for the smoke, or the fluorescent dye it deposits, exiting the leak. And virtually all automakers agree, a smoke machine is the fastest, easiest way to find leaks in the EVAP (fuel vapor recovery) system.

All About Flex Fuel Vehicles (FFVs)

With 6 million Flex Fuel Vehicles (FFVs) on the road today, there’s a good chance that one has already been in your shop for service. The difference from the usual cars and light trucks you see is the FFV that pulls in today or tomorrow may have E85 as its primary fuel source, rather than