John Rogers, Author at UnderhoodService
Talking Shop: Finding and Hiring New Recruits

here is that someone proposing a candidate will have at least a few words about qualifications or credentials. Unlike having to check references of an applicant after the fact (which too many shops often fail to do), the reference or referral comes ahead of the candidate. Most of the time, a position in a small

Finding and Hiring New Recruits

What are the three most important factors in a business’ success? Location, location, location? Nope – they are staff, staff, staff. Personnel experts contend that poor hiring decisions are the main causes of absenteeism and poor productivity, which ultimately result in employee turnover and profit loss. The smaller your business, the more important each person.

Finding New Recruits: Hiring New Techs Involves Checking References and Interviewing Carefully

st of the time, a position in a small shop goes to someone who knows someone. This could be the friend of a customer, a former employee of a colleague or a friendly competitor (not so friendly, perhaps, if you are raiding its staff) or a recommendation by a supplier who knows your operation and