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Pickups Just Keep Getting Older: Is Your Shop Benefitting?

Why is the Average Pickup Truck Older Than the Average Car?

Red Flags to Look For During a Routine Inspection

Inspecting these twelve things every time will keep your customers safe and happy.

Squeaking, Grinding and Rattling Under the Hood? Find the Reasons.

When water pumps begin to fail, they usually start making noises. Most of the time, you will end up replacing the water pump, but not always. Sometimes another problem causes a similar noise.
Of course, you need to be sure what the problem is before you start making repairs. Here’s a list of the most common water pump noises and how to deal with each one.

Why is There Oil in the Coolant?

When you check the coolant and the fluid looks brownish or milky, it’s likely that the coolant is contaminated with engine oil.

What Causes a Water Pump to Fail?

Water pump failure can happen at any time during the year. Depending on the season, your customer may see different symptoms, and not understand the root cause. We’ll point out a couple of symptoms that vary with the season, and some that stay the same all year round.

The Three Main Reasons to Replace a Failed Water Pump or Timing Belt Simultaneously

If a customer comes in with a failed water pump or timing belt, it’s worth talking to them about replacing both parts at the same time even if the other part still works. There are three main reasons to replace the parts simultaneously.